David Sylvian & Holger Czukay

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Grönland Records announce the reissue of seminal ambient records Plight & Premonition (1988) and Flux & Mutability (1989), by David Sylvian & Holger Czukay. Release date: 22nd June 2018.

Grönland Records are proud to announce the reissue of one of ambient music's hidden gems, by two unique musicians whose paths originally crossed in the early-eighties while working on Sylvian’s debut solo album, Brilliant Trees. In 1986, David Sylvian - of British Art-Pop band Japan - and Holger Czukay - founding member and bassist in legendary German Kosmiche band Can - were ostensibly reconvening for Sylvian to record a vocal for Czukay's forthcoming album Rome Remains Rome. But on arriving at Czukay's studio - a former cinema in Köln - Sylvian began playing freeform, improvising on readily available instruments located in the studio itself. No sooner had Sylvian, on whatever instrument he’d been applying himself, start to structurally define/refine the performance than Czukay would stop the recording he’d surreptitiously been making. Czukay had attempted to capture the process of creation without a musician's inclination for refinement. This process, drawn out over two nights, gave birth to the duos first, full-fledged, collaboration, Plight and Premonition.

Having been out of print for some time, the parallels between the original release 30 years ago and now are quite stark; at the time of recording the Cold War was lifting - but still very real - after a bitter winter. The names Plight & Premonition and Flux & Mutability themselves hint at an instability. In Sylvian's words, the sessions seemed to touch on something: “A form of music that seemed to have been created while we were absent by instruments abandoned to the earth and the woods, sounded by the coarse winter elements.”

The version of Plight & Premonition included here is a remix by Sylvian from 2002. All the recordings have been fully remastered. The packaging has been redesigned by Chris Bigg with art direction by Sylvian with new, previously unseen, photographs by Yuka Fujii, accompanied by an extensive essay by David Toop.

Originally released separately, they are now packaged in a 2CD / 2LP set.


Dead Bees on a Cake – limited white vinyl edition for Record Store Day

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For the first time on vinyl, and in a limited edition on white vinyl for 2018’s Record Store Day (April 21st), Universal are releasing David Sylvian’s 1999 solo album Dead Bees on a Cake. Expanded into the double album Sylvian had originally intended it to be and adorned with photographs by Anton Corbijn and redesigned by Chris Bigg, it now includes four additional tracks; ‘The Scent of Magnolia’, ‘Albuquerque’, ‘Cover me with Flowers’, and ‘Aparna and Nimisha’.

Coming soon: Like Planets by Yuka Fujii

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There Is No Love

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Rhodri Davies, David Sylvian and Mark Wastell are to release the There Is No Love CD on 31st May 2017. It will be the debut release on the new Confront Core Series imprint. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

Factory press CD in printed double panel Ekopack cardboard sleeve.

Rhodri Davies: lap harp, table harp, vibraphone, radio

David Sylvian: voice, vocal treatments, electronics

Mark Wastell: tam tam, cracked ride cymbal, chimes, indian temple bells, singing bowls, metal chain, tubular bell, concert bass drum

Voice recorded by David Sylvian, Los Angeles, USA, 2014. Instrumental parts recorded by Rupert Clervaux at Studio 3, London, 18th February 2017. Additional contribution from Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixer) recorded by Steve Bates and David Sylvian, Montreal, Canada, 2012. Tubular bell and concert bass drum recorded by Matthew Sansom, Surrey University, 2006. Original text by Bernard Marie Koltès. Compositional structure by Mark Wastell. Mixed and mastered by Rupert Clervaux.

Special thanks to Harry Smith who mastered an earlier version of David Sylvian's vocal track for the concert at Cafe Oto.

Click here to pre-order There Is No Love.

Seasons greetings from Samadhisound

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Pre-order the second edition of Playing The Schoolhouse

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The second edition of ‘Playing the Schoolhouse’ will be released in December 2015 by Confront Recordings. A new CD EP length composition by David Sylvian recorded in March of this year in Norway, ‘Playing the Schoolhouse’ is based on an improvisation by Jan Bang and Sylvian. It also features contributions from Otomo Yoshihide and Toshimaru Nakamura.

Pre-order the second edition of ‘Playing the Schoolhouse’ at www.confrontrecordings.com

Playing the Schoolhouse – second edition

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There will be a second edition of ‘Playing the Schoolhouse’. It too will be limited, necessarily so. If you’d like to be placed on the list of possible recipients please write to Mark at markwastell@btinternet.com to register your interest. Confront will inform applicants of a publishing date for the second edition in due course.

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